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Yet Unnamed by FeikSneik Yet Unnamed :iconfeiksneik:FeikSneik 2 0 Ever have one of those weird dreams... by FeikSneik Ever have one of those weird dreams... :iconfeiksneik:FeikSneik 1 0


Awah, so cute! Look at all the Neb Nebs! I really love how each one seems to have its own personality, it's written all over their face...

Not a fan of this one. The shining effect is too much. If I had to leave one sentence about this image, that would be it. Covering the ...

I really, really wanted to love this piece, because it has a ton of features that I adore in it, but something about it just doesn't ge...


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United States
A mere human who draws and writes a little, with far more dreams and ideas than talent.


Yet Unnamed
I adopted this character from poromu a while back, and I finally finished a drawing of her... bout time!

I can't seem to come up with a good name for her, though. I'll come up with something eventually.
Awah, so cute! Look at all the Neb Nebs! I really love how each one seems to have its own personality, it's written all over their faces.

The painting-like coloring you did does a huge service to the image. Cosmog is a little gas floof, and it catches the mystical quality they would probably have. Using the same color in the background as on the Nebby's really emphasizes how they're all out representing outer space, yet no part of them blends into the background-it's nicely staggered. The way their arms (?) are positioned really catches the bounciness of a Nebby. :D

I can't get over how cute their expressions are!

Now, the less impressive-the composition isn't groundbreaking. It feels like if we panned the camera out a little, they'd have this weird and awkward vertical squash going on. The top right Cosmog is slightly baffling to me: the top left is holding the smiley Cosmog, and it looks like the top right is floating away, but the top right looks kind of like it's behind the 'listening' Cosmog beneath it. The space is, ironically, unclear.

I think writing "Cosmog" in the bottom left corner is superfluous and slightly distracting. It's not "inside" the image enough to be part of the composition, but it's too noticeable to ignore. Maybe make it more like your signature?

But I really like this... Excellent work!
Not a fan of this one.

The shining effect is too much. If I had to leave one sentence about this image, that would be it. Covering the intense bottom right corner up with my thumb made it much easier on my eyes, but the light was still a negative. It's so bright that it feels like its trying to be a major distraction from your focus. It has impact, but not the impact you were looking for, I imagine. I'd go so far as to say that the golden light effect, in general, ruins the image for me. I think I understand where you were going with it, but its over-intensity combined with its inconsistent distribution makes it feel tacked on rather than part of the image. By 'inconsistent use', I mean how at the bottom it seems to be following the path of the confetti bits, but at the top it seems to be coming from the moon and the star. Even if it was supposed to follow the confetti bits, why goes the light not reach to the edge of the head? It's just confusing.

Now, to more positive things; I really do love the way you draw a night's sky, and having the feathers (? I'm calling them feathers from here on) overlapping the moon just a little bit really does tie to background into the overall image. Despite having a decapitated head, it doesn't feel awkward floating there. It's certainly creative. The color choices on the feathers and head really work together well, and while I find the bright green a surprising choice, it is an effective one that creates an overall 'earthy in space' look that's interesting. I quite like the color gradation on the feathers, it gives them depth without going overboard on shading. I really do love how the stars are selectively visible through the head, it's another interesting effect that ties the head to the background but also makes it *look* better. I kind of want to reach out and touch it to see what it feels like. Your lines are clean and I do enjoy the 'segmented' look it has going on with its face, though to me, it kind of looks like a deer head.

In general, the more I look deeper at it, the more I like it; but if I had been browsing and saw this, I probably wouldn't have looked at it at all. I would have been completely turned off by the light effect.
I really, really wanted to love this piece, because it has a ton of features that I adore in it, but something about it just doesn't gel with me.

I love limited color pallettes, like what you have here. The extra splash of pink in the mouth and ear were an excellent decision. Your dragon is wonderfully detailed. I love how rough it looks, it looks like a scary monster. Those teeth look dangerous. I also really like the way you did the sky outside, with the rising moon-looking bit to prevent the image from being too dark overall. Lots of truly good things are happening here.

The cave walls... I like less. They look like hairy tree roots a bit.

However, the biggest problem with this piece, in my opinion, is that the dragon does not stand out compared to the background. When you isolate the dragon, the dragon is wonderful, but when put in context the dragon looks awkward and like a mashup of the cave walls and the sky. If the white portion has been colored in, it would have been infinitely worse. Having the very top of his head completely black like the sky when it's directly touching the sky makes it less distinct, and makes all of the shading on the dragon look superfluous. It took me second to realize it was a dragon creature and not just a really weird transition from the sky to a cave wall.

Honestly, I held my thumb over the upper-right cave portion and the picture looked much more appealing to me, even with his head being completely black on top. He just looked more like the focus of the image.

I'm not sure how I feel about the eye. Every time I look back on it I flip-flop on whether or not I like it. I will say that it feels reasonably appropriate for a mythical beast.

Despite my nitpicks, this really is a well-done piece. It shows off your talents well.
Ever have one of those weird dreams...
...where you get lost? I've actually had this sitting around for over a month, but I just hate posting things. I always have, no matter the site. Never gonna get better unless I draw more, though. This was a fun one, I must admit. I have to come up with a better way to digitize my art, taking a pic with my phone is pretty terrible.

Fun fact: when I dream, I see a series of still images. Like a slideshow.


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